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Download Movie Weapons of Mass distraction. Rating: This flawed made-for-cable feature takes a darkly humorous look at the rivalry betwen media moguls Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner. Competing to buy a pro-football team, egotistical multi-millionaires Lionel Powers (Gabriel Byrne) and Julian Messenger (Ben Kingsley) use dirty tricks- including blackmail and lewd disclosures to a tabloid TV show- to undermine each other's efforts. Unable to solve their problem during a meeting in the desert, their war gets personal: Messenger's son and grandson are slammed with sex-assault raps and Powers' wife Ariel (Mimi Rogers) is revealed publicly to be a transsexual male prostitute; Messenger even threatens to disclose information about Powers' top-shelf penile implant. Meanwhile, a working-class couple is grievously affected by Powers' acquisition of a phone company (part of his escalating campaign against Messenger) Jerry Pascoe (Chris Mulkey) loses his job when Powers eliminates many jobs; his struggle to find a new job causes him to argue with his wife Rita (Illeana Douglas) and go on a drunken spree. He winds up having sex with a woman in his pickup truck. When his two children ride by in a schoolbus, he becomes disraught and runs after the bus, eventually causing it to crash in front of his house; his children are instantly killed. Back at Powers' manse, his son is killed in a helicopter crash that Powers blames on his loyal gay assistant, Alan Blanchard (Jeffrey Tambor. Demoralized after being fired by Powers, Blanchard commits suicide. With Messinger disclosing his next devious move (a plan to reveal that Powers' father was an informer while serving as an inmate in a concentation camp) Powers finally agrees to a team co-ownership agreement. One year later, the Pascoes are seen on a talk show discussing their tragic loss. From the outset, it's obvious that WEAPONS is intended as a broad lampoon of the real-life competition between moguls Murdoch and Turner. Despite its comic trappings, the film clearly intends to impart a message about the ways in which the few control the many. It also focuses on the common folk who are helpless pawns of these corporate giants- these men-in-the-middle are manipulated, blackmailed, and hung out to dry in public view. The way the film develops, however, the dark humor that could have clearly underscored this bitter message soon disappears, giving way to a more vicious approach that winds up losing sight of the film's original objectives. Director Steven Surjik (WAYNE'S WORLD 2) does a capable job of presenting supporting characters that provoke concern, but WEAPONS is derailed by its script, the creation of seasoned comedy veteran Larry Gelbart (TOOTSIE, NEIGHBORS. Gelbart meanders away from the Powers-Messenger story line with the unnecessary subplot concerning the Pascoes; this unfortunate diversion significantly slows down the picture and blunts its comic impact. On the plus side, the film benefits from eye-catching camerawork from cinematographer Alar Kivilo, solid editing from Zach Staenberg, and excellent lead performances by Byrne and former Oscar-winner Kingsley (GHANDI. Both manage to restrain themselves just enough to avoid turning Powers and Messenger into heartless caricatures. Mimi Rogers, as Powers' kinky, altered" wife, and Jeffrey Tambor as the gay assistant, lend solid dramatic support. (Extreme profanity, adult situations, sexual situations. ) 100 Best Shows on TV TV Guide ranks Peak TV's finest offerings Discover Now! 20 Shows to Help You Live Your Best Life New year, new queue! Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now.

Weapons of Mass Distraction proves to be an inconsequential mess of loose plot points and unanswered questions. In what was initially supposed to be a satire, it only gets lost in it's web of lurid, superfluous, irrelevant occurrences.
Two billionares rival over ownership of a famous American football team. That's what we understand from the blurb. Unfortunately, the references to that are just so vague that it is somewhat of a sub-plot. There really is no plot. It goes nowhere!
On one end of the spectrum we have Robert Altman's fine satire "The Player" focusing on big business and movies. On the other end of the spectrum we have this.
Combine this: helicopter accident, closet gay businessman, jewish holocaust surviver, appendage enlargement, trans-gender wife and adulterous cable repairman newly fired. That's precisely what the film is!
It's awful. One out of ten.


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Insomnia was acting up late one night and I started channel surfing and happened on this flick on Cinemax. there was only about thirty minutes left of the movie but even at that point it SUCKED me right in.
It's a great flick to watch on a Sunday afternoon - watch it closely. Gabriel Byrne and Ben Kingsley are excellent. I think this was the first movie I saw Jason Lee appear in.
The multiple stories coinciding into one single story of rich scumbags tearing into other's lives for their own gain.
Illeana Douglas's character (and her husband. their story. the secret histories of the rich scumbags. a lot going on in this movie. br> HIGHLY recommend it.

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Are you planning to make the jump to digital? How much time will it take to recoup that cost? Edit: I speell gud. My partners and I are discussing that currently. Because our screens are so small, the equiptment would be relatively inexpensive (compaired to other bigger theatres. It would cut our overhead significantly because we wouldn't need the same expertise for alot of our operation (putting movies up, taking them down, fixing breakdowns, stringing the movies. But our attendance has been declining pretty steadily. Partially because of the movies we get, because we are on the bottom of the pecking order. Only a limited number of 35mm prints are available and any given time, and when larger theatres don't release them, we can't get them, so we have to deal with older movies. It would probably take a few years to recoop that cost. But because of the variety of attendence its hard to peg that figure down. Is it true you don't make any money from box office tickets and most of your margin comes from the popcorn and food? How does the business model work? do you pay for each reel and all the box office money goes to the film maker while you recoup cost and a small margin? etc. Right on. Depending on the amount of time that the movie has been released, anywhere from 35-85% of each ticket sold goes to the movie company. But they don't take into account our prices. They figure we should sell each ticket at a set price. ie, we have a twilight hour of 4-5:59 that we sell tickets for 4. 50, the studio assumes we sell it at 7. 50 and takes 80% or 7. 50 either way. They don't care about our discounts. So all the money is from concessions. And it really annoys me sometimes. lulz. What's the worst movie you've ever seen? What's the best? What's the strangest shit that's ever gone down at your theater? Would you rather fight 30 cat sized t rexes, or one t Rex sized cat? Worst movie, Dark Shadows, currently. Or Carnisaurs 2. Best? Hard. My top five (In order from 5 to 1) 5. Fantastic Mr. Fox. 4. Rashomon 3. The Avengers 2. Shaun of the Dead 1. The Incredibles. Strangest, meh, grossest? New Years Eve, 99-2000. Y2K is about to collapse the known world. An old woman had slipped off of the toilet and continued to #2. Well poo all over the walls of the stall, butt prints EVERYWHERE, hand prints of poo, just like a murder scene of the oddest consistancy dump. We didn't have gloves so I had to use baggies. Just awful. People were coming out of the theatres complaining about the smell. One T-rex sized kitty. O_O This has me wondering what the rest of that woman's day was like. It was later in the evening. My guess? Embarrasing, smelly, crusty. It's amazing how everyone seems to have had a positive reaction to Avengers! And yes The Incredibles was AMAZING; I wish they'd make a sequel! And Dark Shadows was such an epic Stan Lee knew, back in the 60's to get the most viewers, have the widest range of characters people could relate to. Fantastic Four, X-men, Avengers, he knew that then and is aptly applying it now. We had a small theater in my college but they served beer during the shows. So instead of all of us going to some massive theater across town we would just walked downtown and grab a few brews while enjoy a good flick. How many beers would it cost to pay for digital equipment? Again, we operate in a small conservative town. Some private citizens bought up most of the liquor licences in the town, just to hold on to so fewer people could get wet. So anywhere between 20, 000 cases of great microbrew and 58, 000 cases of Bud. Sounds like it's time to introduce a "use it or lose it" amendment to the local liquor licensing law. I know. Its just close mindedness. Fact: Someone has a GIANT "sculpture" on their property, maybe 15 feet high of a Hand holding a fetus. and then infront of that, spelled out in white crosses, ABORTION" in the town where I work. Wow. That's seriously douchey. I expected that kind of crap from Indiana or Kentucky, but Michigan? I am disappoint. Mega creepy, just got shivers thinking about it. What the fucking fuck! I know. Link to Holy fucking fuck you weren't even joking! Nope. What's the most memorable thing someone has done to get kicked out of a showing? I remember once in middle high school a friend of mine brought a condom and inflated it, then one of us (could've or could've not being me) threw it on the air and the shape of the inflated condom was projected. Mostly kids horsing around. I ask people who are making out, to take it to their cars. Cellphones are the bane of my existance. You really need to talk to someone that badly, that you are willing to break the suspension of disbelief for all of those unfortunate enough to have bought a ticket at the same time as you? Sorry, it erks me. Why a movie theatre? How did it all start? Convience? Well, I worked in one in High school and put myself through college at one as well. It just seemed natural. plus i hate factory work, with a passion. What is the major source of your revinue? Do you ever do special shows (like Rocky Horror, ect) Do you ever get grief over certian movies form the town folks? Popcorn, No and everyday. What is the sort of grief you get? Well, people think that I choose the movies. Yes and no, I'm given maybe 3 at best. So, they always say, Why didn't you get such and such, or If you don't get it then I'll just drive to Muskegon (30 miles away. Um most people tell me that I'm stupid for a lot of the choices. The list goes on. Have you ever caught someone doing something naughty in a theater? If so, what? Yeah, I tell them to take it out to their car. I don't make out infront of their netflix. Golden Rule. What is your policy on film-goers with CCW permits/Open-carry? Why or why not? I don't see a place for weapons, anywhere. That being said, I in no way know of a situation where that would be my business. If you have the license than you should know where or where not to bring it. I personally don't have anything to do with the things. Horrid tools that have a sole purpose of destruction. No one ever built a hospital with the butt of their gun. GG Theater owner. Doesn't like guns, but doesn't think it's his business, if the person is licensed. Respect! My chin is pointing slightly up in your direction. But my hoodie is green. What can the small but loyal crowd that these types of theaters usually attract do to help in such situations? I don't know, don't sneak in candy. Come to movies. Its rough, we have been wracking our brains, and my partners are sharp, both lawyers. My dad and brother. but we have come up with very little. We tried tie-in drawings (Spider-man we gave out comics, and Battleship we gave out the game) and we started using facebook. Little to no effect. Can I sneak in candy to the large AMC without having a guilty conscious? If that is your prerogative. I cant in good conscious say do something i would hate to someone else. but i love the punk spirit. What is? The content itself or the fact that he used Instagram to filter the image? And i took it from my facebook! ON MY MAC! AHHH lol. Before you owned your own theatre, did you ever illegally download movies? your know from torrents/usenet/DDL sites or other ways? I don't want to incriminate myself. Does that answer your question? If you live in the Michigan Bible Belt, have you considered screening some of those terrible super-Christian movies and charging churches to see it en mass? That would probably get you the money for the digital equipment! Edit: grammar corrected by a pirate. I have some pride. Kirk Cameron is not allowed to headline my theatre. Like Gabe, I'd rather let it all fall apart. Respects for the pride. Just keep in mind; a persons business is their child. You build it from the bottom and do what you can to keep it afloat. I hope you never have to sell out but it is still a viable option. Good luck! Nah, my children are my child. This pays the bills and is highly enjoyable. Kinda. Why do you have to upgrade? When I think of small theaters, I think of classics which should be available on film. In fact for lots of classic movie fans, the film is probably part of the draw. Do you show new releases instead? I haven't researched getting old movies, mostly because they are incredibly expensive, fragile and hard to bring in a steady crowd. I studied film/video/new media in college and I have a deep love of the medium. So idealy that would be how I ran it, but we operate in the bible belt of Michigan, people are very conservative, and they tire quickly of the movies we have. I agree with you though, film does draw, but digital is aggressive. Do you feel that you'll have to make that major direction choice in the near future, between converting to digital and staying as a first-run theater or re-branding as a classics / second run theater? Just got off the phone with an associate about this exact issue. Sony will be out of 35mm sometime in 2013. So quick. Secondly, all the old movies just sit in a warehouse. I would have no idea about how to get access to those prints and then figure out a payment arrangement. Lots of people need to get paid from these old prints. Plus then shipping costs. Insurance costs. Lots of problematic situations rise. There are a few small theaters where I live that will show mainstream, and older movies. By older, I'm talking about Buster Keaton, accompanied by a piano player. I really prefer the ~100 year old theaters. They are beautiful on the inside, and it just feels like something special, as opposed to going to a big theater. How old is your theater? Did you do any renovations? What do you usually show? Early 90's. 19 that is not 18. And it is kinda rundown, no matter how hard I polish this turd. Renovating is kind of low on our priority list. Digital switch is our obsession kinda right now. I've always wanted to know this. How do theaters sync the soundtrack with film itself? Is it just as easy as rewinding everything to the start and then pushing 'Play' for both instruments at the same time? There is an optical reader on our projector. The film consists of two parts, the image and the soundbar. Just like your EQ on your iTunes, or sound editing software. You know the mountain range looking thing. It just reads it like a tape. It is imprinted directly next to the image on the film. Why popcorns? Cause its awesome. Plus ours is the best in town, for sure. We use sunflower oil, weaver gold popcorn seed and butter flavored salt known as flavocal. I've worked in movie theatres for upwards of 7 years, everytime I smell popcorn I salivate. Fuckin' Pavlov. Selling quality popcorn is a good start. I go to the movies at least once a week and will avoid theaters with bad popcorn. I'd consider advertising your popcorn as "the best in town. Word of mouth is all i have right now but good suggestion. What do you charge for a movie? I used to really enjoy the smaller theatres when we still had them here. Before 4:00 is 5. 50, 4:00-5:59 is 4. 50 and then Evening, Adults 6. 50, Children (2-12) seniors (60+ 5. 50 and Student or Military 5. 75. Combo 1: 2 Large Pops and a Large Bucket of Popcorn 8. 50. Combo 2. Large pop and popcorn 6. 25. 3. Medium pop and popcorn 5. Small 4. What would you say the biggest threat to the profitability of small town movie theaters is? Corporate chains? Internet piracy? Motherfuckers sneaking McDonalds and Walmart candy into the screens? The movie companies themselves, maybe, it seems harsh possibly, but they want more and more profit, I'm not that cutthroat. But no other than that people not buying concessions. Any special insights as to what compels humans to do the horrible things they do in movie theater bathrooms? I have never worked in a movie theater, but just as a patron the things I have seen there have been horrifying. You must have some amazing (terrible) stories. People are just shit monsters sometimes I think. Angry at no one in particular, fuck it, i'll smear shit all over. Maybe? Where in MI is this? I live in MI! Are your movies closed captioned? No they aren't closed caption. The best we have, are these five headsets that amplify the sounds. So if that is a deal breaker, thats the best I have. Do you ever find yourself too distracted by the Subs that you have no clue what is really going on? I do. I have to watch foreign films like 4 times to get it. And even then its pretty superficial. Sounds aren't confusing for me at all. I had always been able to hear with hearing aids until I switched over to cochlear implants due to severe Tinnitus. I speak and hear "awesome" as I am being told by hearing people all the time. Right on! I've only heard stories of people who were unaware of sound from birth, who, once having received cochlear implants as, first being unable to connect a sound with the suitable visual object due to the implant presenting everything at the same volume. I'm probably butchering all that information. How much time a day do you spend grooming that superb mustachio? 3 minutes? I have a great wax company from oregon. Wild Oregon Moustache Wax. So nice. Also, my Turkish descent has a lot to do with the style of moustache, it usually likes to curl up. There is this local theatre to me is ran by hardcore right-wing conservative christian types, and they refuse to rent the theatre or show anything over PG-13. This sort of thing annoys the piss out of me, because it almost seems childish considering it's the only theatre we can rent out. Anyway, every year we try to rent the place out and they've started denying us based solely on the fact we've tried to rent the place before (Rocky Horror on Halloween anyone. My question is, what are your thoughts on religious groups being stuck in time, and seemingly believing that if they show movies like Harold and Kumar, Rocky Horror, or Silence of the Lambs, we're all going to turn into druggie, homosexual, serial murderers? Just like all ignorance, they base their beliefs not on facts. My city's only independent theatre has just one screen. They are holding a kickstarter to help fund a new projector. Do you plan to do the same? Thinking about it. My partners aren't very tech saavy so i'd have to come up with a decent proposal, but I'd give it some definate pondering time. I had a friend who worked for a movie theatre in high school. He told me that the popcorn was all popped at the beginning of the week and then stored in huge bags. By the time Friday night came around, it was already almost a week old but it's ok because they warm it up. Do you do that too? NEVER! I get to work about 3 hours before showtime and I pop small batches throughout the day. Several reasons. 1. Stale popcorn is shit. 2. The smell of freshly popped popcorn is the biggest reason people buy it (minus the fact that most people get it out of habit. but no, I as an artisan of film ( Link to would be remiss if I didn't uphold the value of fresh quality for my customers. Nice. I'm going to come to your theatre from now on. See you tomorrow 0u0. Is it Northstar cinema. I live in whitehall but I know there is one in fremont. Fremont Cinemas. Northstar was actually my first job. We are good friends with the owners, and now previous owners of the Fremont Cinemas. West Michigan. YESSS. I'm actually from NM just south of whitehall. I probably know you IRL. What is the craziest thing you've caught/seen someone do at your theatre. Does it make you mad when people sneak candy in? Nothing too crazy, honestly people around here are pretty reserved, even the teens. It kills me when I have like 3 people come to a show, they don't get concessions, then I have to go clean up after them and all of their individually wrapped candy wrappers and like Subway wrappers. Big purses are the theater owners natural enemy. I'm from the most conservative county in all of Michigan. Do you mind me asking where you are in Michigan? Its all in the name. I hear that most theaters and almost all projection rooms are haunted. Any stories? I worked at a bar called Mothers in Chicago. Dearborn and Division. There are ghosts there. Not here, its such a boring town, they've probably left by now. What about popcorn, is it homemade? Everyday, by yours truly. A lot of small town theaters are facing the same problem. Have you considered fund raisers or seeking small business loans/ grants? Short answer, yes. I was just wondering how do you play movies? I know that there is a projector involved but what is connected to the projector? Is it a laptop? a dvd player? please don't say that it is this) but a film reel? It not a film reel. Its several spliced together film reels with a crap ton of hardware behind it. Old school. Do you allow open carry? Elaborate. If Hitler was going to attend a private screening at your theatre, would you burn it to the ground with him inside? He doesn't get to come. Assuming we are talking about Adolf Hitler, the dead, former head of the National Socialist Movement in Germany in the early 20th Century? Yeah, he's not invited. Do you ever watch new releases while on duty? Like tell your employees to do something while you take a "2 hour movie break" That sounds awesome. The VERY IDEA. I"M SHOCKED AND HURT AND yeah sometimes. But like only if i didn't get to screen a movie i have just put up, which happens. Sometimes, like this friday for instance, I wont get a print until an hour or so before showtime. I put up premium rush in 27 minutes last friday. a personal record, a thank you;D. What is the movie theater's secrets to making that salty delicious popcorn? We all at Reddit must know! you recommend brands of popcorn seasonings/salts? D The equiptment plus high quality ingredients plus flavocal. We get all of our popping supplies from "Grand Rapids Popcorn. Google em. You can order a bunch of stuff from there. Their inhouse seasonings are sublime. Hey, I sometimes drive out to the middle of nowhere small movie theaters to deliver the movies for the Friday night showings. (they come in these cool FBI cases and weigh about 40lbs or so) I pick them up from airport and drive a few hundred miles to drop them off. (I'm a courier. I deliver ALL kinds of neat things for urgent matters. I cover over 1500 miles a week at a minimum. AMA? Whats taking so long? Lulz. just kidding. Drive safe, you are very very important to us. What moustache wax do you recommend? Wild Oregon Moustache Wax. I recognize this theater. I lived about 20 minutes away I believe. I've got about 36 digital projectors and i'm heading your way. It's donation time. Also, what's your favorite part about owning your own theater? My fav. part? Talking about movies all day. Fan boy wet dream. If you had digi projectors, i'll be there all day tomorrow and friday, and saturday, and sunday. And Wednesday, thursday, monday. tuesday. But not katilsday. Never Katilsday. You must be a movie buff. What's your favourite movie of all time? Also, do you screen classics? Favorite movie of all time: the Incredibles. In your estimation, what percentage of the theater seats have been used to have sex in? 2, like 5% tops. I hope. How often do you beat off in the projector booth? Really. Not ever. That's not only unhygienic, its foul for a grown, father of two. IMHO. I'm not judging those who can flutter on the skin flute like Kenny G on the clarinet. But that's my work. When I'm there I tend to work. Well you're no fun. Sorry. I didn't want to be a buzz kill. How difficult are modern cinema projectors to use? Are the ones you use similar to the larger chain cinemas? In term of 35mm? These are standard for the industry across the board. IMAX is different. 70mm. Different camera, different projector, it is even projected horizontally as opposed to vertically like in 35. How much does it cost to buy/rent a copy of a movie? How long do you have it for? etc etc. Side Note: My brother rented a small cinema for my nephews birthday party (Sunday Mrning 11am) might be an idea, if you dont do it already. We are always up for being rented out. For any occasion. We pay a percentage per ticket sold. Thanks for the question. If you're still around how do you go about getting movies? Is it a matter of calling up Fox and Sony and WB and asking for them or is there a broker you deal with? Yeah we have a booking service "Clark's Theatre Service" who deals with that for us. Has there ever been a movie that no one saw? I heard of a video that kills in 7 days if you don't make someone else watch it. I don't know if there has been a release that no one has ever seen, because if there was, I didn't see it. My brother in law and I recently purchased a theater the same size as yours! We haven't gone digital yet either. What, if any, advice would you have for two new guys in the industry? Work hard. When you are ready to quit working, keep working. I said it before, the harder I work, the luckier I become. I would love for a local theater to do a screening of an entire series at once (Star wars, lord of the rings, etc. How can I make this happen? Get to know the local staff. Friendship and kindness open alot of doors. Could I please go there and be your projectionist? I'll do it free. I miss the booth. Chain theatres are all moving to digital, and soon there won't be a projector to thread. You can hang out with me there. I'm not gonna pay ya! Lulz. I think all the Redditors of this thread should take a trip to his movie theatre. Could you hook us up? I can try to figure something out! Any thing for you guys How much were your start up costs such as building/ accessories in the theater, studio grill, bar, video games, concessions, valet parking, land, etc. Do your distributors pay for the films you show? We took over from family friends. That's great! Did you keep the original business plan or develop your own extensive business plan. Honestly, do you think a small town movie theatre is a good venture for a first-time entrepreneur. Kept the original for the most part. Little adjustments here and there. Yeah its great for that if you are willing to put in the research and effort. Ever hear of the Z Channel? You should watch the documentary. There are some great ideas that you could bring to your operation. I'll check it out! I meant at your theater. Let me rephrase it, What was the least-attended movie at your theater? Pirates, Band of Misfits maybe. What movies are you showing right now? Premium Rush and The Campaign. Don't ever let anyone tell you that mustache is not incredible I appreciate that to a tremendous degree. if only i had 2 upvotes. I just lent you an upvote to your cause, rest easy. All my dreams have now been answered. Right back at ya! Well I have to say, I about freaked out when I seen that this is my towns movie theater! This is totally cool man: Come in, we'd love to see you! No questions just want to say I'm jelous I have always wanted to live that close to Silver Lake sand dunes, grew up in that area. Been a dream to find work in muskugan or somewhere like that so I could live near there and go to the dunes more often. I go up there a lot. Beautiful drive, that section of 31 from Whitehall all the way up to Ludington is marvelous. Plus the views from those dunes are top rate and great exercise. He said stake not steak. Did somebody say Steak? Play old school movies, fuck digital. I can play old school movies on digital. Cereal & Cartoons weekend morning fundraiser! HOLY SHIT. Great idea, and accurate description of my life! Wow. I'm here in Newaygo/Grant area. 3-4 years now. I get to Fremont occasionally as I have friends in Hesperia, or Hespetucky as I like to call it. My wife and I WILL come visit! Give me a reddit shoutout and lets see what happens. STFU and take my money. We are sooo small. I'll just have to show you guys my lobby. Please hold. STFU in reference to, I want to be waited on in a movie. That'd be tits. I admire your ambition to keep your movie theater going strong! i plan on opening my own business one day and truly do admire your courage and pride in what you worked so hard for! Cajun guy from Waterboy once said: You can do it. Thank you. You can do it all night long! I'd love to go to our small theater more often, but since I'm a wheelchair user it's simply not possible: Best wishes for you, though. In response to this, I am going to see what I can do about getting you here more often. The movie theatre i worked at in my hometown shut down last month for this reason. Isn't it demoralizing. The reason that I loved movies are two fold. My brother and I connected over going to movies. Furthermore, they are mini vacations from this unrelenting world. For two hours (give or take) I can be not me, or not involved. I can forget my bills, I can forget my heartaches, while at the same time being reminded of them by theses images on the screen. And still being comforted by that feeling. I feel a very strong connection between myself and other movie makers, not on a personal level, but like a collective level? I mean, in rarer and rarer cases I can feel the empathy of the producers of said film, like lets say "Glory" and I can be both trasported to a dangerous place with absolute personal safety, but still disconnected enough to apply these feelings to my everyday life. Have you ever downed 147 pieces of bacon in one sitting. No but i read about how in viking lore there is that pig of infinite bacon. I got a little hard. I used to wo at a theater, on those same projectors. I miss that stuff, film is fun, but it's a thing of the past now. Just like so many wonderful 19th and 20th century relics. Your mustache makes me smile:D. Me too. But if i smile too much I have to reapply wax. Don't have any questions, just wanna say respect for actually answering so many questions, unlike some other people in this subreddit. Its obligatory to me. You've shown me respect by posting, I'm going to respect back and answer. No matter how long it takes or how bad my fingers and wrist and neck and back now hurt! LULZ. But seriously, thanks.

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