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The first half is boring and the actors are bad (except for Mrs Bejo who really does a good job throughout the whole film) you don't feel the subject at all. Just like a bad TV movie. Watch full length a nagy szerepent. After all, the movie itself is not that bad, I mean that the story is good, the subject is good and there is something to think about when you leave the theater. Watch Full Length A nagy smerep. But they missed it. Too bad, I'm disappointed there because they could have made it a lot better. Watch Full Length A nagy. The second half is a bit better, but it still does not make it a good film.

About the actors, I found them bad apart from a few exceptions. François Berléand is a good actor and didn't deceive me, but he doesn't appear a lot. As I said, Mrs Bejo does a great job, maybe she saves the film from being *really* bad. Except for the "Yiddish scene" yes, he's still a good actor for sure when he makes an effort. I found Stephane Freiss pathetic, and it disappointed me. Fortunately, Peter Coyote gives us a nice scene full of emotions in the last minutes of the film, but it can't save the whole film. "Le Grand Rôle" is an amusing updated French Jewish take on O. Henry's "The Last Leaf." Based on a book by Daniel Goldenberg that doesn't appear to be available in English, it gently pokes fun at just about everything it touches, including actors, theaters, directors, and religious, ethnic and generational divisions within the Jewish community.

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